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*Ground, to rise up* 9th - 15th October 2022 (online)

Join me for this engaging Seven-day immersive journey with 2 live interactive webinars, daily videos, nutritional plan, meditations, and daily movement practices relating to the root. 

Through out the 7 days, I'll also be unpacking themes around:  Survival, your self image, learning to be grounded -  instead of being scattered or influenced by people & things around us, how secure do you feel (physically & emotionally), musculoskeletal, immunity & stress, and skin health. As well as our relationships. Whilst Embodying the frequency of RED 

  • Have you been looking for an excuse to:
    Raise your energy 
  • Kick start your healing: Learn support your immune system, to prevent any infections for the winter months. 
  • Learn how to deal with anxiety, or recurring mental chatter
  • Start a meditation or spiritual practice 
  • Learn about the energetics of the colour red.

Starting on the 9th October (This is a self paced course, with two live webinars (that will be recorded) As well as an active engaging online community. 

Rhonda Byrne

"Many people don't know about the power of good feelings, and so their feelings are reactions or responses to what happens to them. They have put their feelings on automatic pilot, instead of deliberately taking charge of them"



Let me help you evolve. My workshops are a chance to learn and master different topics that I have studied practically, theoretically, spiritually and successfully overcome.

All workshops are designed to nourish you from the inside out.

Expect to uncover new things about yourself, grow in new ways, learn current insights and ways to evolve yourself to be better. As change is the only constant in our lives.



Elements of health: Nutrition

Survival, self image, stability, security, musculoskeletal, immunity & stress

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Elements of health: Emotional expression

Creativity, flow state, sensuality, relationships, emotions, reproductive health

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Elements of health: Balanced living - Resilience

Thoughts, resilience, transformation, living your power, digestion

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Elements of health: Movement - breath and circulation

Love, grief, movement, openness, receiving,breath work, heart health

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Elements of health: Connection - spiritual, community

Meditations, wholeness, bliss, balanced nervous system and detoxification

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Elements of health: Restoration- sleep meditation, integration time

Speaking your truth, honouring inner voice, decisiveness, thyroid health

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Elements of health: Mental fitness

Mental health and mood, visualisations,wisdom, intuition, acting on your inner knowing

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Beauty from the inside out

Beauty is not only physical, it is built from the inside out. Connect to your uniqueness and feel confident in yourself.

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7 day Master Cleanse

You’ll be guided through a different way of “detoxing”. Addressing suppressed emotions, cleansing the system through fasting practices that dramatically impact your body, mind and soul.

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Ashleigh, West End Performer

"I thought I was coming in for a nutrition consultation. What I got was like a 10 year therapy session in our initial meeting. Natalie's wisdom, knowledge and patience should be highly acclaimed"

Deborah, Media Specialist

"Every session with Natalie is inspiring and leaves you with a sense of inner peace. Her soothing voice and knowledge she passes onto us is amazing. Every session includes a variety from asanas to meditation, mudras, pranayama, wisdom from India, always something new to learn. The spirit, the mind and the body are well nourished after a session with Natalie. I am looking forward to new workshops with Natalie to nourish my soul and rediscover myself. Thank you Natalie for sharing so much knowledge that will stay with me forever"


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