A wellbeing toolkit to thriving health

lifestyle nutrition Jun 21, 2022


When you work with natural medicine practitioners. The core principle is simply this 


"Give your body the right environment (nutrients, thoughts, movement, nature) to thrive, and it heals" 


If we look at the body as separate and compartmentalised and treat every symptom. We're never going to get to the root cause of your pain or illness.

For eg. Say you have eczema or a rash on your skin. Firstly you would go to a dermatologist. The Doctor would treat this as purely a skin problem, and often times the Doctor doesn't know the reason for eczema or rash, but you would be given a corticosteroid. A steroid hormone that stops the inflammation but doesn't fix the problem and often times when you stop using, the problem gets worse over time and the steroid has various side effects, mostly affecting hormones. 

The problem is: We're not recognising the rash as inflammation coming deeper and deeper inside the body, we're just recognising it as a skin problem. Since the skin is a mirror of what is happening inside our bodies. 

So your healing journey isn't a one stop approach, it's individual, preventable and the whole of you is treated (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). 

Tips you can incorporate to thrive 



  • Organic, live foods 
  • Remove foods that promote acid and waste (refined carbohydrates, sugar and non organic dairy)
  • Foods to support blood sugar levels and the liverThe most nutrient-dense leafy greens are spinach, kale, chard, rocket, swiss chard, collards, and Bok Choy. Plus cruciferous vegetables - Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and mustard greens. 


  • Drink pure drinking water, distilled or reverse osmosis. 
  • Try Colonic irrigation or enemas
  • Alternative hot and cold water showers 
  • Hot epsom salt or alkaline baths 
  • Salt rubs
  • Herbal baths


  • Get enough rest 
  • Dress in clothes that let your skin breathe, and not synthetic fibres 
  • Exercise 
  • Forest bathe - replenish with fresh oxygen 


  • Helps force toxic matter out of the body 
  • Aids lymphatic drainage 
  • Promotes blood circulation 


  • Sun provides/ promotes the growth of all living organisms 
  • Source of vitamin D 
  • Tones the skin 
  • Positive action on pineal gland (helps process melatonin, needed for your circadian rhythm)


  • Decreases emotional stress
  • Increases breathing and oxygenation 
  • Increases blood flow to aid healing 
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage 

Remember, the body has the intelligence and power to restore itself to health, providing it is allowed to do so. The cure lies in the self-righting power of YOU!