Try these 5 tips to boost your energy

energy nutrition Nov 17, 2021

I don't know a client that comes to me these days without experiencing some e exhaustion or fatigue. 

There are many individual reasons as to some individuals response. Here are a few simple tips to get you started. 


Avoid refined sugar, processed foods, caffeine and fatty meats as they stress the adrenal glands.

Emphasise quality vegetable protein, and at least 7 servings of leafy greens and vegetables per day.


Vitamin C and B complex to support your adrenals, particularly as when your body is exposed to a stress - this could simply be a restless night sleep, inflammation, sugar imbalances, general mental stressors. 

Magnesium is also crucial for energy production. Without enough magnesium, toxicity will build in cells and reduce their function.


Adaptogens are herbal botanicals, that have a pharmacological action on your body. So they act in a way that drugs do. Adaptogens counteract the effects of stress in the body. 

My favourite adrenal supporting botanicals are astragalus, Siberian ginseng, liquorice root (if you have high blood pressure, do not take), ashwagandha, and cordyceps! 

Recent studies have shown they are able to reduce stress, anxiety, boost stamina and rejuvenate your system. 

Let me know how you find those, or there's any you would add?!