Encouraging Breath in your day

movement Aug 10, 2021

We are born into this world with the gift of breath, and leave this world with our last gasp.

So what happens in between?

How is this life giving force ignored? When it is literally the breath of life.

After our first breath as an infant we deeply breathe into our bellies, expanding the breathe into our diaphragms and our lungs.

Around the age of two to three years old, this pattern changes as the ego asserts itself more, and we adapt to the behaviours and emotions of the world around us.

Whatever age; when we are threatened, breathing may become rapid, uneven, shallow, and jerky, and when panic takes over breathing can collapse altogether, and cause added restriction the higher and shallow the breath into your chest.

Conversely: Rhythmic, deep and slow respiration stimulates a calm, content, state of mind. Irregular breathing disrupts the rhythms of the brain and leads to physical, mental and emotional distress.

Freely and fully breathing into your body better equips your natural defences against negative effects; of pollution and infection. One of the most potent ways of stimulating the lymph system, thus aiding the immune system, is by deep yogic breathing.

shallower and higher in the chest. Negative emotion usually creates an added restriction in the belly area and even a temporary paralysis of the air sacs in the lungs, creating a kind of physical and emotional suffocation. Relaxed breathing and a calm feeling always come from the belly.

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5 Tips to reset our breath, reduce mental fatigue, stimulate our immune system, and turn off our stress response:

  1. LAUGH

Laughter comes from the belly and is one of the most potent lung healers of all. As well as boosting serotonin, our happy brain chemical :)

  1. SING

Sing is a great stress reliever and release, as well as exercise. You have to open your airways and breathe into your diaphragm to be hold a note. If anything it's a release! Some great studies, are being implemented on the notorious benefits of singing for metal health.


Essential oils can really help breathing, and open up the airways. I like to travel with airplanes, as sometimes my breathing can become erratic when flying, and sniffing a tissue of lavender or rubbing into my wrists usually calms my breathing.

Eucalyptus and Camphor help clear and open the lungs, though note some asthma sufferers, might find this too strong and in some cases worse.

Alternatively, Frankincense and Mandarin are great for calming and regulating breathing.


If you spend a lot of time indoors, whether at your home or at work, consider getting house plants. Many house plants are easy to grow and, in return, they filter out the air in your environment.

I particularly love Spider plants, Peace Lily's, and Aloe Vera.

Here’s a list of plants that NASA found to be especially useful for filtering air.


Called PRANAYAMA; establishes regular breathing patterns, defined as breath control. The yogis learned that controlling the breath allowed you to control stress, control your physiological functions and control your quality of life and reach self-awareness or self realisation.

Breathing practices emphasise inhalation and exhalation to strengthen the lungs and balance the nervous system to establish regular breathing patterns. As well as focusing on physical and mental stability.

Lie down and relax, or sit in a comfortable seated position and listen to these 5 minute breathing practices.

Correct breathing can really transform your whole life. It is the basis of all meditation, sports, singing, and other techniques. Let me know how you find these tips. :)