Lack of movement

lifestyle movement Aug 10, 2021

Lack of movement has its own metabolism & leads to premature ageing, osteoporosis, muscle wasting & chronic dx to name a few.

The less we move, the less we want to move & eventually our cells will go on "stand-by" mode.

A study recently concluded that to be sitting more than 3 hours a day was associated with increase of 64% in CVD risks even those exercising (30 minutes) daily.

Not wanting to cause any fret, or alarmist. and not causing CVD risk to every office worker but if we are regularly sitting at a desk we must also stand up and move frequently (35 times a day is recommended). This will activate our bodies to maintain an "active" cell physiology, stimulate gravitational interaction, wake up our brains and improve productivity. It also statistically more beneficial than an average 30 minute workout.